My Television Interview

October 19, 2014

What it actually looked like in the studio

Earned Media
In an effort to develop some of the earned media I’ve talked about before, I was recently interviewed by Independence Television, one of the nearby local cable channels, for a program called “It’s a Good Day When…” hosted by Lavonne Upton.

The whole segment is about 24-minutes long (fair warning).

Although the first several minutes of it are introduction, Lavonne asked some very insightful questions for about twenty minutes that let me talk about the fiction I’ve written.

Several people have already asked about it, and I’ve embedded the interview into one of the pages on my web site.

But, rather than spend a lot of time here talking about it, explaining it or redirecting you, I thought I’d just go ahead and post it here and let everyone see it for themselves.

I’m Not a Kardashian
Given the state of our media today, I’m sure the kind of attention I would really like to generate would only be available if I had been willing to run naked through the mall, shouting my name and waving a banner with my book titles on it.

The video of my arrest doing something like that might even have had a chance to go viral.

I would have been sure to scream out my name and tell everyone the titles of the four books I’ve written … as they handcuffed me and dragged me away.

But that might have been extremely hard to explain to my kids and grandkids (not to mention my wife and mother, or any of my friends in the neighborhood).

So this was a much safer route to take. The most I’ve had to explain was to someone who thought I’d dyed my hair for the interview (I didn’t, but I certainly wish I’d had some makeup for the dark circles under my eyes).

With any luck, a lot of people will still see it. At the very least, I hope they’ll tell all their friends about it and encourage those friends to tell all their friends, too. It shouldn’t take that many iterations to have contacted a whole town.

Maybe some few of them will buy a book.


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How Has Your Week Been?

October 11, 2014

Oakland University Campus
Oakland University Campus, Rochester Michigan

Last week was certainly an interesting one for me.

On Saturday, October 4, 2014, I attended the Rochester Writers’ Conference at Oakland University. Well-organized as always, the break-out sessions offered something for everyone.

Discussions ranged from establishing theme, to writing poetry, to using social media, querying agents … and a great many other things related to the craft of writing. The organizer, local travel writer Michael Wylie, does a terrific job of putting it all together.

I was surprised to learn I’d taken second place in the micro-fiction contest (a complete story in under 500 words) from last year’s conference. I was surprised a second time to discover I’d also won a prize in their flash fiction contest (a story in 100 words).

Both are extremely difficult exercises (try it sometime … here’s a challenge: write a complete story in exactly 100 words; no more, no less, and you must include the words onyx, circuitry and fermenting). When you try it you’ll know why winning felt pretty good. It’s hard to do.

Of course, I also had to read each winning selection to the entire conference audience, which can be a little unnerving if you’re not used to doing it. Fortunately, at my age, stage fright is not a problem. You have more trouble keeping me off the stage.

This year’s keynote speaker, Lev Raphael, was worth waiting to hear. The author of twenty-four books in genres from mystery to memoir, he teaches creative writing at Michigan State University, and his speech was both engaging and inspiring.

I’m already looking forward to attending the conferences Mike is organizing for 2015.

More Surprises
Then on Monday I returned to my orthopedic surgeon for a follow-up on the rotator cuff surgery I had in July. I’m making progress with my therapy, but it still hurts to move my arm and my range of motion hasn’t completely returned.

Doc reminded me that three of the four ligaments in my shoulder had to be repaired … one of the worst repairs he’s had to do (and shoulders are all he does). He warned me I probably have six more months of rehab to go.

Joy. Like I said before, it’s not exactly the way I wanted to enter the record books.

independence television logo100
On Wednesday, things were beginning to look up again when I was interviewed about my books by Independence Television, one of the small public television producers in this area.

Even though I’d been exposed to television production occasionally during my professional career, it was still both interesting and fun to be in front of the cameras for a change.

tv interview3 tv interview4
What things look like on-screen … and what it really looks like in the studio

While their broadcast reach is relatively small, I’ll be able to post an online link to the interview as soon as it’s available. It’s part of the “earned media” I’ve talked about here before … trying to generate word-of-mouth publicity.

I’ll be sure to let you know if the exposure does the kind of things I’m hoping for (I probably won’t be able to help myself).

Publishers Weekly
On Thursday, Publishers Weekly declined to review my latest book, ONE WAY STREET, but that’s OK. As their email pointed out:

“Our review process is highly competitive – both for self-published and traditionally published authors. We review a relatively small percentage of the books submitted … If your book is chosen, know that it truly stood out.”

They’re already looking at my novel, REICHOLD STREET. Based on their comment today, I take that as a very good thing … and I hope you’ll pardon me for tooting my own horn.

Friday the day was sunny and cool … a nice fall day. Therapy on my shoulder in the afternoon, and dinner with good friends in the evening. A pleasant end to the week.

I’m writing again and, as always … I hope you are, too.

Keep reading … keep writing … have fun.


You can find my books as eBooks or paperback on Amazon, or at Barnes & Noble. You’re also invited to visit my web site, BROKEN GLASS, or like my Book of Face page. You can also follow my shorter ramblings on The Twitter.


Comments posted below will be read, greatly appreciated and perhaps even answered.



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